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Parameters of Lukewarmness By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

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What are the issues of look of lukewarmness?. What are the constituent parameters of lukewarmness?, When will you know that lukewarmness is beginning to set into your life, spirit and faith?, What are the indices of lukewarmness? You will not be able to speak about lukewarmness because by nature, definition of lukewarmness, it’s an in-between position. Lukewarmness is the intersection between two sets. In mathematics, when two distinct sets intersects (meet together), at the point of intersection, you’ll see a bit of both sets, so you’re unable to say that the point belongs to anyone.

Lukewarmness is a deceptive situation, in the sense that you cannot savely locate it in one place. It is a combination of heat and cold, it is a manifestation of spirituality and carnality mixed at a spot. It is a mixture of that which appears holy, and at the same time, accommodating that which is u… You can’t afford to miss this powerful teaching!

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  1. Good evening sir… thanks for all you do. Pls can i get the complete message of Bro Gbile on the ‘possibilities of prayer’ ? The message terminated at 2 hrs 22mins but it is not complete. Thanks sir.

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