Download All RAVIS ZACHARIAS Books PDF (Direct Download Link)



Download All RAVIS ZACHARIAS Books PDF (Direct Download Link) 1

This page contains pdf ebooks by RAVIS ZACHARIAS that you can easily download and read to improve your life.


How to Download RAVIS ZACHARIAS ebooks:

The download is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to click on any of the below titles. The download will start in less than 2 seconds.

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  1. Jesus Among other gods (838kb)
  2. Kingdom of the Cults (2.61mb)
  3. Has Christianity Failed You! (1.15mb)
  4. I, Isaac, Take Thee, Rebekah (555kb)
  5. New Birth or Rebirth (1.6mb)
  6. The Grand Weaver (890kb)
  7. Who Made God and other Answers to Tough Questions on Faith (1.25mb)
  8. Real Face of Atheism (891kb)
  9. Recapture the Wonder (662kb)
  10. Sense and Sensuality (1.91mb)
  11. The End of Reason (691kb)
  12. The Lotus and the Cross (356kb)
  13. The End of Reason (1.71mb)
  14. The Logic of God (931kb)
  15. Walking from East to West (1.16mb)
  16. Why Jesus? (1.12mb)


Ravis Zacharias was born in Madras, India on the 26th of March, 1946 but he grew up in Delhi. Although he was born into an anglican family, Ravis pronounced himself as an atheist until at age 17 where he found himself in an hospital after trying to commit suicide by swallowing poison. There and then, while his mother was reading John chapter 14 to him, verse 19 strucked him, because it talked about the Jesus kind of life, and then he prayed for healing.

Ravis obtained his first degree in 1972 from Ontario Bible College. And from Trinity International University, he got his M.Div degree. Ravis was a Christian evangelist and apologist. In 1984, He founded Ravis Zacharias International
Ministries in Toronto (Headquarters’ currently located in Atlanta). And before then, he was known to have been ministering in many places like Cambodia, Amsterdam etc. He was once a professsor of evangelism at Alliance Theological Seminary in 1980.

He has written over 30 books, and has been invited to many places to speak to people. Ravis is married to Magaret, and their union is blessed with three children. In 2019, he passed the leadership of RZIM to his daughter, Sarah. Ravis Zacharias died on the 19th of May, 2020.


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