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SINACH Songs MP3 Download

SINACH songs mp3 download

This page contains all SINACH songs, including 2022 releases, and live studio performances.

List of SINACH Songs

Here’s a list of SINACH songs so far:

  1. All I See is You (4mb)
  2. All Things Are Possible (6mb)
  3. All Things Are Ready (5mb)
  4. Because You Live (7mb)
  5. Born to Win (5mb)
  6. Come Home LIVE (6mb)
  7. Fire in Me (5mb)
  8. For This (4mb)
  9. For This I Praise (4mb)
  10. From Glory to Glory (3mb)
  11. Give Thanks (4mb)
  12. God is Our Rock (6mb)
  13. Grateful (5mb)
  14. Grateful Heart (7mb)
  15. Great & Mighty God (8mb)
  16. and many more!

How to Download SINACH Songs MP3

To download the songs, CLICK HERE. You will be able to download over 100 of his/her songs for free>>>



Sinach is a Nigerian singer, songwriter and senior worship leader at Believers lovedworld. It is really difficult to talk about gospel music in africa without mentioning Her name, but how did it start? Sinach was born on March 30th 1973 and is the second daughter out of seven children. She’s a native of Nigeria, Ebony state to be precise.
She started singing for family in France in 1989 as a hobby. During that time she was also working as a staff and choir member in Christ embassy, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s church. Those Experiences were fundamental in grooming, her to become the singer she is today. As a child, Sinach stated that she had dreams where she saw herself singing to large crowds. She, however, didn’t actively pursue her career in music.
Sinach, who obtained a degree in physics from the University of Port Harcourt wanted to travel out of the country shortly after she graduated. However, her pastor, Chris Oyakhilome saw a great potential in her and decided to help groom her. Fortunately, He was able to convince her against making that journey.
Another obstacle Sinach was able to overcome was her father’s initial refusal to let her pursue a career in music. He feared that being a musician would not have any monetary benefits. However, sinatra was resolute to do well, thank god. She was honored to the age of pastor. Chris, who is both her mentor and spiritual father. According to Sinach, she didn’t venture into gospel music for commercial purposes, but to help promote the gospel of Christ and lift up the spirits of the hopelessness. Well, as it would later turn out, she was in safe hands, As Christ Embassy has now gone on to groom several upcoming singers, including Joe praise, Moses Bliss, Frank Edwards, among others, into renowned gospel singers.
She was made the senior worship leader at Christ Embassy, both at the headquarters and internationally. Then as the worship leader, wherever Pastor Chris went to minister, Sinach was often taken along. That experience increased her confidence tremendously as she was able to gain more confidence as well as fan base. Sinach sang her first song when she was just 19 years old, and that motivated her to start writing other songs.
However, it was not until 2008 that she released her first album titled Chapter one. It includes songs like because you live, in your presence, among others, but the song that stood out the most was “This is your season.” It earned her multiple awards and cemented her status as one of the biggest gospel singers in Nigeria. Since then, she has gone on to release eight other albums and has remained one of the most consistent voices in the gospel music industry.
In 2016, Sinach was the first recipient of the Christ Embassy Lima Songwriter of the Decade award, recognizing her contribution to gospel music. In the previous decade, her songs were being sung in many countries, translated into many languages around the world. That same year, she received the African achievers award for global excellence. Also that same year, for the second time in a role she won the Western Africa Artist of the year by Group Awards in Kenya and was named alongside Chris oyakilome, and Pastor Enoch Adeboye, as one of the top 100 influential Christians in Nigeria. As a songwriter Sinach has written over 200 songs and won several awards. Sinach has performed and headlined concerts in over 50 countries around the world.
In march 2019, the visuals for waymaker became the third Nigerian video to garner over 100 million views on YouTube. Waymaker has been covered by multiple Christian artists, such as Michael w Smith, Leeland, among others. In September 2019, Sinach became the first gospel artist from Africa to tour India headlining concerts with several thousands in attendance. In may 2020, she became the first African artist to top the Bible’s Christian songwriter chart. The song topped the songwriters chart for several months.
Outside music, Sinach is also enjoying a fruitful and happy life. She got married to a pastor at her church on November 17, 2019. At the lima awards, Pastor Chris Oyakilome announced the arrival of Sinach’s first child, which led to a massive jubilation among Christ Embassy members and her fans all over the world, as they had started expressing their concerns over her perceived delay. Her life is, without a doubt, a huge testimony….. Read her full biography here.

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