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The Devil can never be ahead of God. There were many times you were a victim of sickness unto death, accidents. But you came out. These realities indicate the fact that Satan is not in control. Circumstances and situations will come to suggest that God has lost it this time.

But if you know the position of the scriptures, you will know our ancestors in this faith that we are following has already given us perspective about the abilities of the Devil. And the Devil is not capable of being ahead of God.

There are people that the Devil has brought them to a point that in their own matter, Satan has finally overwhelmed God. And when you find such a person that feels that God has been overwhelmed because of his circumstances or situations, in that state, God cannot help that person.

God will need to orchestrate a renewal of mind on the life of that person in order for the person to be helpable. Because the Devil cannot be ahead of God….

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