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Apostle Michael Orokpo

Before time began, there was a community of three entities living in themselves. And the intensity of this communion and interaction exploded out of their bowels and said; “Let us make man”.

So man was a project of deity,, man was birthed from the immortal fellowship that existed between the community of the Divine. It was propelled by the intensity of koinonia,, Deity existed in themselves and a point came where that energy that existed between them became intense.

When God said, “let us make man”, it was an exclamation that was birthed out koinonia, the energy from that intercourse was what propelled the creation of you and I,, and the reason for this creation is so that we can participate in this communion that was alien to mortals.

This operation that existed and predated creation, God wanted to bring us to enjoy and participate of that r..

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