DOWNLOAD MP3: ESTABLISHMENT By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

ESTABLISHMENT By Apostle  Edu Udechukwu

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All purposes of God onto man are meant to be memorable for a life time and not just to be restricted to a group, clan or family. Therefore there is always a need for the establishment of God’ s agents and the Ordinances from God. To establish means to bring into bear with a sustainable system an idea or ideology and maintain its form. For the establishment of God’s word in the life a believer, such person must be familiar with the principles that guides the establishment of such promise or heritage. The proportion of one’s Dominion at the place of establishment is equal to the level of grace contacted through the knowledge of the kingdom principles. One of the critical keys to establishment is obedience to the instruction of God. The level of your obedience will determine the degree of your establishment in the purpose of God. The effectiveness in the word of God is obtainable when it is backed up with sincere obedience to the directions by God. To learn more on the principles of establishment and how God establishes His words in the life of His children, download this message now.

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