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NOT I BUT CHRIST By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

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In Is.1:5-10 and Is.6:1-9, Isaiah saw king Uzziah and His subjects not living right. He compared himself to them until the year that the king died and this time, he saw God thereby exposing his own wretchedness. The Angels in the present of the Lord also covered their eyes acknowledging only the God as holy despite the fact that they knew no sin. Until you are willing to cover your self made glory and identify with Christ, He will not be able to send you.

You talk so much about yourself even before God. If God will send you out, something needs to go. Is it not an irony that there are so many people but God is still asking who will go for us? When you prayed for somebody why did you want result? Why did you get offended when there was no result? Is it really Christ that you want to be honoured or I?

Why did you feel bad when you failed the exam the last time? Do you mean that not I but Christ be Lord? Why do you so much want to be accepted or appreciated? This message will surely challenge you spiritually. Download and listen to it right now!

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