Download All Pastor Mark Miracle Audio Messages MP3 (Pure Gospel Citadel)

Download All Pastor Mark Miracle Audio Messages MP3 (Pure Gospel Citadel) 2

Mark Miracle, called to preach the Pure Gospel, with the mandate to dispense the tidings of Peace, The message of the Cross, Reconciliation with God and with Man, and bringing solution to the problems of mankind through the power of the Holy Ghost.
His prophetic and expository teachings through various media platforms have miraculously transformed many lives around the world.

He is the founder and the Lead Pastor of Pure Gospel Citadel, a fast growing Church in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. He is the anchor of Pure Gospel Moment – a media broadcast, and He also, with the help of His lovely wife runs a monthly Relationship Seminar known as Love Class.

His mission is to preach Christ and not self, raise kingdom stars and not use people to shine alone, become a source of help to humanity, ensure a healthy relationship, marital success and building Godly homes through his relationship teachings. He is focused on training an army whose focus is to make heaven at last after marking success on earth.

He is married to Onyinyechi and they both have an enviable home as they live joyfully just like heaven on earth.

Contact: mail:

Social: @PstMarkMiracle

Official Line: +2348123288593

Find below Audio teachings by the man of God:

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  1. Anointing for Exploit (7mb)
  2. April Love Class (11mb)
  3. May Love Class (9mb)
  4. Purpose in Relationship (9mb)
  5. Mgbuogba Miracle and Revival Day 2 (9mb)
  6. Mgbuogba Miracle and Revival Day 3 (11mb)
  7. 3 Keys to a Great Destiny (5mb)
  8. How to Get Married Quick (8mb)
  9. A Life of Difference (4mb)
  10. Able God (4mb)
  11. Connect to Source – The Altar (7mb)
  12. Depending on the Holy Spirit (4mb)
  13. June Love Class (11mb)
  14. The Art of Peace Making (3mb)
  15. The Reward of Consistency (3mb)
  16. Alter vs Altar (8mb)
  17. Crossing the Red Sea (8mb)
  18. Divine Help (8mb)
  19. Judgement and Vengeance Service (7mb)
  20. Lesson from Jonah Part 1 (5mb)
  21. Lesson from Jonah Part 2 (3mb)
  22. Lesson from Jonah Part 3 (3mb)
  23. Lesson from Jonah Part 4 (3mb)
  24. Not Too Early to Start (4mb)
  25. Something More Than Celebration in Resurrection (9mb)
  26. The Eagle Christian (7mb)
  27. The Need for Urgency (2mb)
  28. Waste the Wicked (2mb)
  29. You Can Make It! (5mb)
  30. Realities of our Sonship (5mb)
  31. Keys to Relevance (11mb)
  32. What Manner of Man is Jesus (8mb)

2021 Messages

  1. Fire in my Bones Day 1 (14mb)
  2. Fire in my Bones Day 2 (11mb)
  3. Fire in my Bones Day 3 (17mb)
  4. The Day of Favour (13mb)
  5. The God of Mercy (11mb)
  6. Preventing Heart Break (15mb)
  7. The Spiritual Effect of Prayer (10mb)
  8. Identifying and Escaping Evil (12mb)
  9. Acceptable Service (9mb)
  10. One Year Anniversary Message (48mb)
  11. The Power of Courage by Min. Samuel Nwoka (6mb)
  12. Anointing for Greatness (13mb)
  13. Anointing to Destroy Wickedness (11mb)
  14. October 2021 Night of Solution – Walking on Satan’s Head (8mb)
  15. Preparing for the Future (13mb)
  16. Activating my Season of Open Doors (14mb)
  17. Activating the Blood of Covenant (11mb)
  18. The Power in the Blood of Jesus Part 1 (16mb)
  19. The Power in the Blood of Jesus Part 2 (9mb)
  20. My Time of Harvest Has Come! (12mb)

2022 Messages

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