DOWNLOAD MP3: FAITHFULNESS By Dr. Mensa Otabil (Sermon)

FAITHFULNESS By Dr. Mensa Otabil

DOWNLOAD MP3: FAITHFULNESS By Dr. Mensa Otabil (Sermon) 4

Faith is the substance of the things not seen, evidence of things hope for. Faithfulness has Faith at is root word and it means to to be accountable, transparent, honest and full of dignity. Faithfulness has become a virtue of the olden days as the present growing generation are not accountable to anyone, they are living a dubious life that is far from being a transparent one. Followers are not honest to their leaders just as the leaders are not dependable in treating their followers rightly. Marriages that are meant to give peace to the soul of man and make him fulfill the God’s given purpose has become the den of destruction as infidelity has not only scattered purposeful relationship but has also destroy many destiny. When man is not faithful to God, He can not be faithful to man. To learn the ingredient of faithfulness and safe yourself from the reach of predicament caused by unfaithfulness, download this message.

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