DOWNLOAD MP3: PRAYER AIDS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio)

PRAYER AIDS By Pastor Daniel Olawande

DOWNLOAD MP3: PRAYER AIDS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio) 4

It is expedient to build our most holy faith by praying in the spirit. The power and mysteries of praying in Tongues and declaring our deepest intention in an unknown tongue have been explained and taught by many vessels of God. The criticisms from different angles have not been able to override the true power in the mystical language and it will never be able to. It has been discovered that, many people find it easy to pray in the Holy Ghost when they are in the congregation of brethren but feel reluctant or  less energetic trying to commune with God in their personal closets. It is one of the deceptive approaches of the devil to rob children of God of the blessings and possibilities that is embedded in the fellowship with God. So many people after praying in thier understanding with few words get exhausted and cease praying which is indirectly against the words of Jesus Christ. One of the Secrets explained by prayer champions and preachers of prayer is the access to prayer aids. Laying your hands on spiritual materials that aids staying longer in the place of prayers. This  series is a lengthy record of prayer session that will spur you to pray every time and ascend to the realms of spiritual  possibilities. Download the series and you will experience a spiritual turnaround in your prayer life.

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