DOWNLOAD All SOLOMON LANGE Songs MP3 Free (Direct Link)

SOLOMON LANGE Songs MP3 Download

SOLOMON LANGE songs mp3 download

This page contains all SOLOMON LANGE songs, including 2022 releases, and live studio performances.


Here’s a list of SOLOMON LANGE songs so far:

  1. I Will Praise You (2mb)
  2. Mai Taimako (3mb)
  3. From My Heart (3mb)
  4. Messiah (2mb)
  5. Only You Jesus (4mb)
  6. Sunan Ka (2mb)
  7. You Reign (3mb)
  8. Mmamma (3mb)
  9. My Melody (2mb)
  10. Dogara (4mb)
  11. I Will Praise You (2mb)
  12. and many more!

How to Download SOLOMON LANGE Songs MP3

To download the songs, CLICK HERE. You will be able to download over 100 of his/her songs for free>>>


Solomon Lange is a renowned gospel singer and motivational speaker. He is from a town called Wasa in Kaduna State, Nigeria. He started singing in a village Baptist church choir at the age of 9. He started his music career in 1997, with a small gospel music band. He became a solo artist in 2002. He has many great albums and has performed all around the world. He sings in Hausa and English. He has two albums “Nagode”, which means Thank You in the year 2008 and “Alheri”, which means Grace in 2012 respectively.
He has ministered alongside many world renowned gospel artists, including Sammy Okposo, Chris Morgan, Esther Oji, Eben, Micah Stampley, Cynthia Majesty, and many more. Lange was given the peace ambassador title by the former first lady of Nigeria, for his peacemaking effort among different religions and tribes in Nigeria. Recently, he released an album, where he featured the likes of Chris Morgan, Sammie Okposo. Solomon and Flora Lange got married on the 2nd of May, 2015 in Abuja. It was a huge celebration with family and friends. They had a traditional wedding in February of that same year.
Their union was blessed with a daughter in the 2016. Floral lange is singer, Makeup artist and fashion designer. Not many people know that flora has a twin sister named swanky Smith. Swanky Smith is married and into the fashion business, just like her sister flora. Flora and Solomon are one of the most beautiful celebrity couples in Nigeria. Yes, we see them. Of course we do and I looks so beautiful together. We wish them good luck In their family life and beautiful children. The net worth of Solomon Lange is not made known to us. This is the information we have for now…. Read his full biography here.


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