Download ALL Pastor DANIEL OLAWANDE Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons (Direct Download Link)

Download Pastor DANIEL OLAWANDE Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons

Download ALL Pastor DANIEL OLAWANDE Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons (Direct Download Link) 2

This page contains powerful Pastor DANIEL OLAWANDE messages MP3 and audio sermons, teaching that you can easily download and listen to – for your personal and spiritual growth.

How to Download Pastor DANIEL OLAWANDE Messages MP3 & Audio Sermons:

The download is very simple and easy. All you need to do is to click on any of the below titles. The download will start in less than 2 seconds.

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  1. Accessing Divine Ideas Part 1 (31mb)
  2. Accessing Divine Ideas Part 2 (21mb)
  3. Altar of Fire (25mb)
  4. Breaking Free From P*rn, Mast*brtation and Addictions (26mb)
  5. Building Capacity (37mb)
  6. Burdens (14mb)
  7. Character of the Journey (45mb)
  8. Cry for Revival Part 1 (36mb)
  9. Cry for Revival Part 2 (25mb)
  10. Dominion by Light (28mb)
  11. Energy for the Journey (14mb)
  12. Enforcing Kingdom Strategies (26mb)
  13. Fight of Dominion by Prayer (27mb)
  14. Fire For Impact (31mb)
  15. Fire to take the City Day 1 (46mb)
  16. Fire to take the City Day 3 (30mb)
  17. Fire Needed for Impact Day 1 (17mb)
  18. Fire Needed for Impact Day 2 (23mb)
  19. Flame of Fire (18mb)
  20. Force of Dominion (19mb)
  21. Getting into Formation (14mb)
  22. Handling Temptation (22mb)
  23. Help of the Spirit (20mb)
  24. How to Discover Purpose (28mb)
  25. How to Hear from God (26mb)
  26. How to Maintain the Fire on your Altar (22mb)
  27. Hunger University (25mb)
  28. Lovers of God (12mb)
  29. Mandate for Exploit (36mb)
  30. Mantle of Fire (33mb)
  31. Mental Transformation (34mb)
  32. Moments with P Dan (43mb)
  33. Mystery of Tongues Part 1 (15mb)
  34. Mystery of Tongues Part 2 (18mb)
  35. Pathway of the Prophetic Maiden (16mb)
  36. Pathway to Redemption (26mb)
  37. Prayer Aid with P Daniel (29mb)
  38. Preparation of Men That Will Take Cities (29mb)
  39. Royal Priesthood (18mb)
  40. School of Character (38mb)
  41. School of Prayer (26mb)
  42. Strategies of the Ancients (25mb)
  43. Take Your Place! (16mb)
  44. The Burden of the Lord (21mb)
  45. The Characteristics of Men that God Uses Part 1 (28mb)
  46. The Characteristics of Men that God Uses Part 2 (37mb)
  47. The Characteristics of Men that God Uses Part 3 (46mb)
  48. The Contention – Spirituality and Carnality (24mb)
  49. The Cook of Destiny (18mb)
  50. The Dominant Army (19mb)
  51. The Hand of God University (37mb)
  52. The Inner Workings of the Spirit (30mb)
  53. The Intercessor (24mb)
  54. The Invading Army (17mb)
  55. The Love of My Life (27mb)
  56. The Mighty Army (17mb)
  57. The Prayer that Prevails (14mb)
  58. The Protocol of Prayers (22mb)
  59. There is a Oil in the House (29mb)
  60. Thy Kingdom Come (14mb)
  61. Time Management (28mb)
  62. Understanding Intercession (22mb)
  63. Until I am Drunk (16mb)
  64. Wait on God (40mb)
  65. Wealth of the Spirit (20mb)
  66. What Makes The Great Great (14mb)
  67. Why Are You Tired! (40mb)
  68. Why Father’s Last and Young Ones (40mb)
  69. Why We Must Not Neglect the Next Generation (22mb)
  70. Wisdom of Jesus (19mb)

Pastor Daniel Olawande 2022 Messages 

  1. 5 Forces That Control Marriage Part 1 (26mb)
  2. 5 Forces That Control Marriage Part 2 (35mb)
  3. 10 Things To know To Fulfill Your Ministry (27mb)
  4. Anagkazo- The Compelling Power (28mb)
  5. Becoming A Partaker Of A New Dawn (52mb)
  6. Becoming A Sharp Weapon In God’s Hands (12mb)
  7. Believer’s Conduct (33mb)
  8. Breaking The Status Quo (16mb)
  9. Breaking The Yoke Of Debt (19mb)
  10. Dig Again (16mb)
  11. Experiencing The Biblical Supernatural In Our Daily Life (22mb)
  12. Experiencing And Manifesting The Biblical Supernatural In Our Daily life (36mb)
  13. Fear Not Part 1 (15mb)
  14. Fear Not Part 2 (19mb)
  15. Financial Empowerment For Young Pastor (52mb)
  16. Fulfilling Your Ministry (24mb)
  17. God Is Looking For A Man ( Revival Tent) (35mb)
  18. God’s Surgical Theater (25mb)
  19. God’s Battle Axe (48mb)
  20. How I Overcame Sexual Harassment In My Dream (36mb)
  21. How To Break Generational Patterns And Circles(29mb)
  22. How To Maintain What You Got In A Program (38mb)
  23. How To Prepare For A Meeting (41mb)
  24. How To Work Without Loosing Your Rewards (22mb)
  25. How God Makes Mighty Men- God’s Help (35mb)
  26. How To Become A Special Instrument In God’s Hands (33mb)
  27. How To Destroy The Yoke And Works Of Darkness In Your Life By Light (35mb)
  28. Identifying Your Identity As A Weapon (34mb)
  29. Maintaining Your Sanity In An Insane World (29mb)
  30. Mercy, A Qualifier To Favour (30mb)
  31. On Fire But Not On The Altar (42mb)
  32. Patterns Of Spiritual Growth (34mb)
  33. Prayer Fire (18mb)
  34. Praying With Burdens (Revival Tent) (35mb)
  35. Purity And Boundaries (29mb)
  36. Real Acts Of Wonders (36mb)
  37. Redigging The Wells (38mb)
  38. Revival Of Righteousness (17mb)
  39. Walking In The Realms Of The Wave Of Glory (40mb)
  40. Riding The Storm (43mb)
  41. Sound Of Revival (Revival Tent) (38mb)
  42. Spirit Of Enlargement (13mb)
  43. Spiritual Emergence (14mb)
  44. Spiritual Excellence (21mb)
  45. The Believer’s Conduct Part 1 (26mb)
  46. The Believer’s Conduct Part 2 (32mb)
  47. The Burning Ones (42mb)
  48. The Efficacy Of God’s Words (14mb)
  49. The Heart Of Worship (19mb)
  50. The Man God Uses (21mb)
  51. The Move Of The Spirit (27mb)
  52. Purpose Of Miracles, Signs And Wonders (31mb)
  53. The Purpose Of Miracles, Signs & Wonders Part 2(36mb)
  54. Purpose Of Miracles, Signs And Wonders Part 3 (38mb)
  55. Purpose Of Miracles, Signs And Wonders Part 4(41mb)
  56. The Secret To Lasting Impact (25mb)
  57. The Ultimate Purpose Of The Anointing (30mb)
  58. The Word, The Quickener (17mb)
  59. The Generation Of God Chaser (42mb)
  60. Understanding Redemption (21mb)
  61. Understanding Your Spiritual Heritage Part 1 (21mb)
  62. Understanding Your Spiritual Heritage Part 2 (18mb)
  63. Who Is That Man (27mb)
  64. Why We Need To Work In Miracles, Signs & Wonders Part 1 (37mb)
  65. Why We Need To Work In Miracles, Signs & Wonders Part 2 (44mb)
  66. Why We Need To Work In Miracles, Signs & Wonders Part 3 (28mb)
  67. Witnesses By P Daniel (34mb)
  68. The Supernatural Witnesses By P Daniel (56mb)

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Pastor Daniel Olawande is a renowned man of God in Nigeria. He is an ordained pastor at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), and the pastor in charge of RCCG Living Seed Church, Ikorodu.

He obtained a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). He is also an alumnus of the Daystar Leadership Academy Lagos. He is as well a Post Graduate Diploma holder in Theology from the Redeemed Christian Bible College.

P.Daniel as he is fondly called is a profound teacher of God’s Word with a mandate for setting men on fire for God. His influence and impact has gone across Nigeria and his now a sought after minister at different churches and meetings.

Pastor Daniel is the National Youth Vice President of RCCG and National Executive of PSF, an acronym that stands for Pastor’s Seed Family. He is also serving as the National Representative for Region 26, Ikorodu, Lagos state and The President of Inspired Team International. He was once the President of RCCF, Redeemed Christian Corpers Fellowship , Lagos state Chapter and RCF, Redeemed Christian fellowship at Adeyemi University of Education in Ondo state.

His teachings and ministrations are centered on the Holy Spirit, Prayer, Fire and Revival. He has hosted several stretched prayer programmes which are attended by many people especially youths around Nigeria and beyond.

Pastor Daniel has also acted in several gospel movies and short clips. He has also an author and a worshipper, as he has received songs from the secret and sang publicly. He released his debut single (Iferepo) recently, featuring his wife.

He is married to Oluwanifemi Daniel-Olawande and their union is blessed with a girl (Zion Flaming Olawande).



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